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Camila Estefany
https://t.co/TPLllEheuP http://t.co/A514c5JMAJ http://t.co/drN2rXOA7l
Love you Louis
xxxLouis , i am a directioner xxx i write songs ,dance ,& sing xxx i do love food:) i'll answer questions anyday! ~live for the moment ~
• since '98 •South Africa •music child
f:Maria Flores
f:Jagdev Singh
f:Daniele Santos
f:Taryn Fuhrman
katelyn smith
Hey, I'm just a girl who broadcasts sometimes on younow and friendlife and just joined this
f:Sun Dar
leading well spritiual thoughts and guide to councilling for psychiatric
f:Thatyané Brenda PL
- É sempre bom começar do inicio uma nova jornada pela frente :-) Núnka pensei q fosse tão dificil assim para conquistar os meus sonhos é já sofrir de mais cm..
Paigey Wagey
i am fun to talk to , I would like if I can get to know some ppl on twitter and if u follow me I just might follow u back
f:Ali Ali
Hai. im Kaila.
> 14 y/o × Scars remind us that the past is real ★ Bands & skateboarding ♥ 5.29.16 • Snap: kailawhittenn • Skype: okii-cool • Kik: always.is.a.lie
Kayleen 😍😍😍😍
(Renee Fav sister) 💁💜💸 S I N G L E 🔐🔐👑🔐👑🔐💋💋💋💔💔💔💔
f:Leonardo Sales
TMH tour Vancouver july 27th 2013 check out my tumblr: yeah-hes-my-bitch-now and askthemightygodofthunder
f:Dawood Vittaya