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•]••´º´•» All comes ìn time And id like 2 call myself BOentieFurr-stone «•´º´••[• (≧∇≦)/ (・∀・) ⊙△⊙ A guy that tries to smile everyday, Curious what..
My name is Jenn I like green tea, plants, and please dont say nice things to me I might fall in love with you. Michael/4
I love one direction I fancy @real_liam_Payne
✨levi/Alex✨I am king, @chiminexe my queen ✨ I need friends istg https://t.co/BP579MRmsM
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im crazy funny and nice i love cats im a kittycat
Lil Red
I do Youtube every now and then. Actually living life for once. trying to survive Highschool
tnicolle ت
Brandon r.в Meza ❁ 11.18.12 | 3.1.13 | 3.19.13 | 4.8.13 | 7.20.13 | 8.15.13
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I don't matter to anyone, as long as you didn't know me it's safe to say that you don't mattah.
I loved her and after she died they wondered why my heart went cold | #illhueminati |
Hannah Arevalo
An average girl with a dream to sing, change the world, love, laugh and eat. I will make things awkward.  I make YouTube videos. Cats